Winsen ZPHS01B – Multi-in-One 센서 (CO2, PM2.5, CH2O, O3, CO, TVOC, NO2, 온도, 습도)




2pcs Winsen ZPHS01B Multi-in-One Sensor Module for CO2, PM2.5, CH2O, O3, CO, TVOC, NO2 Temperature, Humidity Detection UART

ZPHS01B is a multi-in-one air quality module, integrating laser dust sensor, infrared carbon dioxide sensor, electrochemical formaldehyde sensor, electrochemical ozone sensor, electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, VOC sensor, NO2 sensor and temperature and humidity sensor. It can accurately measure the concentration of various gases in the air, with UART (TTL level) communication interface.
Gas detector/ Air conditioner/ Air quality monitoring
Air purifier/ HVAC system/ Smart home
Technical parameters

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