Winsen ZE08-CH2O 폼알데하이드 센서





Formaldehyde module without calibration Standard serial output direct use and easy to use Formaldehyde sensor module built-in high-performance analog circuits and data processing unit, a large number of empirical algorithms, the direct output of digital density information, TTL level output have been zero and standard factory Gas concentration calibration, the user no longer need to electrochemical signal conditioning of complex analog circuits, no longer need professional equipment calibration calibration, easy to use

Technical Parameters

Detection of gas: formaldehyde
Interference gas: alcohol, gas and so on
Chuan device: ME2-CH20 electrochemical formaldehyde sensor
Working voltage: 5-12V (without voltage reverse connection protection)
Warm-up time: ≤ 3 minutes
Output: 1. DAC (0. 4-2V standard voltage signal> 2.UART output (3V level)
Response time:
Recovery time:
Range: 0-5pp «
Resolution: 0. 02ppm
Operating temperature: -20 ~ 50 ° C
Working humidity: 19XRH-90XRH (no Zhanjie)
Storage temperature: -20 ~ 60 ° C
Life: 2 years (in the air)

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